Our Story

About Our Family

Both Kyle and I have been around cows our whole lives--our children have been around cows their whole lives. I grew up as a fifth-generation rancher, and we live on Kyle's family's sixth-generation ranch that was established in 1867. I also am a teacher at our nearby middle and high school.

We are so fortunate to raise our children on our family ranch. We hope to pass on to our children the love we have for our cattle and for our land. It is so rewarding to see our children helping in the calving lot, the hay fields, and the corrals. We all work really hard on our ranch, and we hope you enjoy our beef!

Photo credit: Megan Truman, Rustic Road Photography

About Our Cows

Throughout the year, we closely monitor the growth and health of our cows and calves ensuring they have access to plentiful and nutritious forage as well as clean and fresh water.Our Simmental-cross cattle are raised exclusively on mountain grasses, meadow pastures, and hay from our own fields. During March and April, the cows' calves are born. As soon as the grasses flourish in our mountain valley lands, we turn the pairs out to summer pastures. We closely monitor and manage our herd and strive for low-stress, clean environments. Because of this, sickness in our animals is low. We would never want to withhold proper treatment and care for our animals, therefore we work very closely with a veterinarian to determine proper and effective treatment plans when necessary. At no time are unnecessary antibiotics used.

Photo Gallery

Enjoy the beauty of where we live and what we take care of!

These photos highlight our kids and their 4-H projects. The next generation learning to raise and take care of their animals.

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