3G Beef can be purchased in a number of ways:

  • Interested in buying bulk? Check out our "Custom Cutting-Bulk Purchasing"

  • Interested in a smaller order? Check out our "Beef Bundles" or "Individual Cuts"

Custom Cutting - Bulk purchasing

We currently use Superior Meats, a state-inspected facility, located in Superior, MT. Once taken to the processor, our beef is dry-aged for approximately 14-21 days. We currently sell whole or half beef, as well as, retail cuts (see below). For whole or half beef, we sell based on hanging weight (carcass weight). There are bones that add weight, and these bones can be used for bone broth if specified to be added to your order. Hanging weight varies with each animal. To give you an idea, a 600 lb. carcass will yield approximately 400 lb. of retail cuts (including burger, steaks, roasts, etc.). For $5.10/lb. on the carcass weight, your purchase includes cut and wrap fees (specialty meats like sausages, salami, etc. not included), transportation to the processor, and slaughter fees.

Purchasing a half or whole beef gives you control over how you would like your beef cut (i.e. you choose the thickness of your steaks, the number of steaks per package, which steak cuts you want (T-bone versus tenderloin or New York), pounds of burger per package, size of roasts, etc.). Bulk purchasing gets you burger and prime cuts such as rib steaks, t-bone steaks, roasts, etc.--all for $5.10/lb for grass-raised, grain-finished (60+ days) beef! A $600 non-refundable deposit per whole beef must be collected prior to beef being taken in for processing.

If you are more interested in purchasing retail cuts rather than bulk buying, take a look below and feel free to phone ahead to check availability and schedule order pick up!

Beef Bundles

Ground Beef Bundle

85% lean, 15% fat (1- and 2-pound packages)

  • $5.50/lb.

  • 20 lb. bundle $5.25/lb.

  • 50+ lb. bundle $5.00/lb.

  • Pre-made burger patties $5.75/lb.

3G Variety Bundle

Great for the grill! Your choice of two different sized variety packages will include premium steak cuts, a roast, and burger patties! Want to a brisket? Let us know! Brisket ($7/lb.).

3G Large Bundle

  • (about 6 lbs. @ $13/pound): Rib steak, T-Bone, New York

  • (about 6 lbs. @ $11/pound): Flank, Sirloin, or Skirting

  • (about 3 lbs. @ $7/pound): Chuck Roast

  • (about 12 lbs. @ $5/pound): 85% lean burger

Approximate total: $225

3G Small Bundle

  • (about 3 lbs. @ $13/pound): Rib steak, T-Bone, New York

  • (about 3 lbs. @ $11/pound): Flank, Sirloin, or Skirting

  • (about 3 lbs. @ $7/pound): Chuck Roast

  • (about 6 lbs. @ $5/pound): 85% lean burger

Approximate total: $125

Based on availability. Each steak varies based on the size of the animal. Steaks will be packed 1-2 steaks per package.

Individual Cuts

Roast Prices

Cuts are subject to availability. Call for yours today!


Arm Roast - $6/lb

Rump Roast - $7/lb

Chuck Roast - $7/lb

Tri-Tip Roast - $8/lb

Prime Rib Roast - $18/lb

Steak Prices

Cuts are subject to availability. Call for yours today!

Steaks (1.25 inches thick)

Skirting - $11/lb

Sirloin - $11/lb

Flank - $11/lb

T-Bone - $13/lb

Bone-In Rib Steak - $13/lb

New York - $13/lb

Cow Tenderloin - $13/lb

Tenderloin - $18/lb


Tongue - $10

Liver - $15

Heart - $15

Bones - $2/lb

Short Ribs - $5/lb

Stew Meat - $6/lb

Oxtail - $5/lb

Brisket - $7/lb

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